The story of Race Tailor started the moment when our children had their first contact with skiing, even though we didn’t know that back then. They had training, downhill practice and of course, competitions. So, out of our wish to protect and help them become their best version, we founded RACE TAILOR, ‘the tailoring’ of ski protections. The hours of study, coruses and discussions with specialists in the field confirmed us that the RACE TAILOR biometric protections are the ones that every performance athlete needs to reach his goal. It took one more step for turning the dream into reality.
We have spent thousands of hours in our workshop to performs scans and checks and now we are very pleased and proud to offer our athletes the best and safest biometric protections worldwide, for the race gate impact to no longer represent an obstacle in their dream of becoming champions.


We, at Race Tailor, believe that performance can be reached through merging three important elements – talent, hard work and equipment. We see and witness the way in which technology is developping every second and we have to make use of benefit from all resources it offers.
Compared to hundreds of years ago, when skis were made of pine tree wood and there was a strict requirement for it to have a sunlight inclination and increased curve, nowadays skis are made of plastics and carbon fiber. Compared to hundreds of years ago, when there were no downhill competitions, nowadays these competitions are present and downhill slalom made room for protection equipment, too.


Since 1980, performance skiers have chosen new equipment to protect them against fractures and the forearm guards have been one of the most important elements thereof. At the time, these were not the best in lightweight or resistance, but they were a first attempt in smoothening the contact with the slalom race gates. From then on, skis have evolved, downhill racing speeds have evolved and thus, equipment development has become a necessity. Now, we have the possibility to create one of the most resistant and accurate forearm and shoulder protections. Our passion and experience are the elements upon which our premium products are based. Our aim is for the biometric protections carefully tailored in our workshop to combine safety, comfort and resistance, in perfect harmony.


The high-degree of protection offered by our biometric guards is due both to the materials used and the contact they create with the body. Also, in terms of cmofort, we can state, without any doubt, that nothing can provide so much stability at race gate impact.